Globalization and
Regional Ecological Economic Problems

Saratov, Russia, July 5-9, 1999


The Conference was organized by the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) Russian Chapter (ISEE/RC) in cooperation with:

  • European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE);
  • Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE);
  • Center for Economic and Social Studies on Environment (CEESE), ULB, Brussels
  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS);
  • State Committee for Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation;
  • Russian Ministry for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources;
  • Ministry for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Tatarstan Republic;
  • Saratov Oblast Government;
  • Saratov Affiliate of the Russian Ecological Academy;
  • State Committee for Environmental Protection of the Saratov Oblast;
  • Saratov Regional Committee of Natural Resources;
  • State Committee for Environmental Protection of the Volgograd Oblast;
  • The Saratov Committee for the Environmental Protection;
  • The Volga Region Academy for Civil Service;
  • Saratov State Technical University;
  • Saratov State Agrarian University.

We also thank The Russian Fund for Basic Research (RFBR) for financial support of the conference.

Scientific Advisory Committee

R. Costanza, USA, P. Ekins, U.K., S. Faucheux, France, A. Friend, Canada, S. Funtowicz, Italy, A. Gusev, Russia, W. Hecq, Belgium, P. S?derbaum, Sweden, J. Martinez-Alier, Spain, R. Norgaard, USA, S. Pegov, Russia, J. Proops, U.K., A. Reteyum, Russia, E. Seifert, Germany, F. Schneider, Austria, J. van den Bergh, the Netherlands, T. Zylicz, Poland
International Organizing Committee

P. Safonov, Russia (Chairman),
E. Botcharov, Russia, P. Crabbé, Canada, C. Gallez, Belgium, H. Gottinger, Germany, P. Kasyanov, Russia, M. O’Connor, France, A. Popov, Russia, A. Shevchuk, Russia, A. Voinov, USA.
Local Organizing Committee

S. Gorbunov, A.Malikov, A. Popov (Co-Chairmen), N. Belokopytov (Deputy Chairman),
S. Andriuschenko, A. Balakhnin, V. Chupis, G. Dobrovolskiy, V. Gasilin, T. Golubev, Yu. Kirienko, S. Kravtsov, L.N. Zlatogorskaya, N. Mosienko, A. Mironychev, V. Natashkin, L. Novozhilova, A. Rabadanov, O. Fomin.
Conference Site

Volga Region Academy for Civil Service (“PAGS”)
Sobornaya Street 23/25, Saratov, Russia


ISEE/RC9at a glance
July 5
Welcoming Reception
July 6
Registration and Networking
Opening and Plenary Session I
Plenary Session II “Principles of Ecological Economics”
Parallel Sessions 
1A “Social Factors of Sustainable Development, Ethicts and Education”
1B “Human Health, Medicine, and the Environment”
2 “Environmental Protection in Agro-Industrial and Forest Sectors”
3A “Environmental Management Systems”
July 7
Plenary Session III “Ecological Policy and Management at National and Regional Levels”
Plenary Session IV “Ecological Insurance and Audit”
Parallel Sessions 
4 “Environmental Risk Assessment and Insurance”
5 “Innovation activities and Environmental Protection Technologies”
3B “Regional Sustainability and Environmental Management”

Panel discussionConference Dinner
July 8
Field Trip: “The Volga river Ecology” 
July 9
ISEE/RC Business Meeting, Closing


ISEE/RC’99 Program

Monday, July 5, 1999
Arrival of the participants in Saratov from Moscow, accommodation in the Hotel “Slovakia”

8.00-14.00 – Registration, Volga Region Academy for Civil Service

19.00-22.00 – Welcoming Reception (Meeting at the Foyer of the Hotel “Slovakia” at 18.45)

Tuesday, July 6, 1999
9.00-10.00 – Registration, Volga Region Academy for Civil Service

10.00-11.30 –Opening and Plenary Session I, room 336
Chair: Paul SAFONOVMoscow, Russia

  • Paul SAFONOV, Chairman, ISEE/RC’99 International Organizing Committee, President, ISEE Russian Chapter
  • Sergey GORBUNOV, GVice-Governor, Saratov Oblast
  • Alexandr MALIKOV, Chairman, State Committee for Environmental protection and Natural Resources of the Saratov Oblast,
  • Ivan POTRAVNY, Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy, Moscow
  • Anatoly POPOVPresident, Saratov Affiliate of the Russian Ecological Academy, Co-Chairman, ISEE/RC’99 Local Organizing Committee

Invited plenary presentations:

    • A.A. GUSEV (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow),

The Objectives of Economic Valuation of Natural Resources. (Abstract in PDF)

    • Peter SOEDERBAUM (Upsala, Sweden),

Political Economic Persons and Political Economic Organizations: A Conceptual Framework for Business Environmental Policy.

    (Paper text in PDF)

    11.30-12.00 – Coffee Break
    12.00-13.00 –Plenary Session II “Principles of Ecological Economics”, room 336

    Chair: Anatoly POPOV, Saratov, Russia

      • Ernest PARTRIDGE (California University, USA),

    Disequilibrium ecology and the Foundations of Ecological economics.

      • Philippe CRABBE (Ottawa University, Canada),

    Productivity and Sustainable Development: Micro-Fundamentals.

      • Yuri PISKULOV (Moscow, Russia),

    Information about of Regional Ecological Economic Problems and Public Agreement on Nature Protection in Russia.

    13.00-14.00 – Lunch
    14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 1A “Social Factors of Sustainable Development, Ethicts and Education”, room 336

    Chair: V.N. GASILIN, Russia

    • Mikhailova I. V. (Saratov, Russia), The ecological adjustment Models: Evaluating Social-economic effectiveness and Applicability.
    • Adamov A.K. (Saratov, Russia), Noospheric principles of sustainable Development.
    • Lisev A.V. (Saratov, Russia), State As an Important Subject of the Social Partnership Relations.
    • Novozhilov V.V. (Saratov, Russia), PR projects in solving environmental protection problems.
    • Boboshko V.I. (Moscow, Russia), The Environmental Ethics and the Business Activities.
    • Anissimov L.A., Ryabukhin D.N., Ivanov A.V., Chelnokov S.A., Konovalov M.B. (Saratov, Russia) Environmentalism in the modern youth activity: Saratov region.
    • Iwaniuc Halina (Poland), Tourism as the basis of sustainable development of unique Natural Areas.
    • Novozhilova L.A. (Saratov, Russia)Methods of in – depth studies of ecological economic information in the system of civil servants training.
    • Z.V. Fomina (Saratov, Russia), Coevolution and Spirituality
    • Fokina T.P. (Saratov, Russia), Organizations as a New Field of Practical Application of Ecology.

    14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 1B. “Human Health, Medicine, and the Environment“, room 336


    • Dobrovolsky G.A., Legoshin G.M., Uskov E.I., Gourevich G.I., Eremin A.V. (Saratov, Russia), Individual health index.
    • Mavrina E.A., Yacubina E.G. (Saratov, Russia), Medical-demographic criteria of labour potential losses and Rehabilitation Measures estimation.
    • Selchyuk V.U., Popova T.N., Temnikov A.I., Admiralsky A.U., Dolgov I.U. (Saratov, Russia), Primary multiple cancer as the social and economic problem.
    • Stepanov S.A. (Saratov, Russia), Problems of ecological pulmonology of the Saratov Oblast.
    • Korotkov V.B., Fyodorova Z.P. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological-epidemiologic peculiarities of especially dangerous natural focal infections at the territory of Saratov oblast (region).
    • Ragimova O.A., Andreyeva G.F. (Saratov, Russia), Health of schoolchildren as the reflection of the economical state of the socium.

    14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 2. “Environmental Protection in Agro-Industrial and Forest Sectors”, room 418

    Chair: A.V. GOLUBEV, V.A. TSHCHERBAKOV, Russia

    • Golubev A.V. (Saratov, Russia), Economic Ecological Substantiation of Agrarian Production.
    • Reshetov G.G. (Saratov, Russia), Ways of reconstruction and reproduction of the bioenergetic potential in agricultural ecosystems of the Volga Region.
    • Tshcherbakov V.A. (Saratov, Russia), The Ecological-Economic Conditions of sustainable Development of Reclamation in Povolzhje.
    • Andrioustchenko S.A. (Saratov, Russia) Promotion and extention of Sustainable Agriculture.
    • Kormilitsin V.F., Ostroborodova I.A. (Saratov, Russia) Ecological assessment of agricultural methods.
    • Melochnikov A.S., Kravtsov S.Z. (Saratov, Russia) Economic problems of extension of agricultural forests environment protection functions.
    • Kornienco U.A., Kravtsov S.Z. (Saratov, Russia), Ecology – economical substantiation of forest rate cost of Astrahanskaya oblast.
    • Dvorkin B.Z., Glebov I. P. (Saratov, Russia), Methodological principles of building up relations in cooperative and integrated organizations of agro – industrial complexes.
    • Proezdov P.N. (Saratov, Russia), Conceptual basic of ecologically safe sprinkler irrigation.
    • Mosienko N.A., Chumakova L.N., Myaziton K.U. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological perspective of melioration condition of soils in Zavolzhje and problems of drinking water quality.
    • Shabaev A.I. (Saratov, Russia), Main Types of Agricultural Landscapes of Povolzhje.
    • Touktarov B.I., Yaroslavsky V.A. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological Aspect of land development in the Volga region.
    • Baranov V.A. (Saratov, Russia), Methodological aspects of the conception of ecological optimization and agrolandscape sustainable development elaboration.
    • Smirnova O.N., Korgunov O. N., Leonov O.A. (Russia), Ecological Problems of soil protection.
    • Dubrovin V.V. (Saratov, Russia), Making Forecast of Supposed damages of forest Plants Caused By Destructive insects.

    14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 3A. “Environmental Management Systems”, room 520

    Chair: C. GALLEZ (Belgium), L.M. POTRAVNYI (Russia)

    • Eidys Jonhanna (Bialystok, Poland), Environmental Management Systems in Polish Enterprises.
    • Paloviita Ari & Korhonen Jouni (Finland), Combining Ecological Economics and Corporate Environmental Management Valuation Methods.
    • Gallez Caroline (Mons, Belgium), Linking Environmental Instruments, Management, and Ecosystem Health.
    • Karvonen Minna-Maari & Korhonen Jouni (Finland), Aiming for a Balanced Industrial Ecology Equation – Increasing the Share of Consumers.
    • Botcharov E.P. (Saratov, Russia), Mathematical modeling of ecological bargains between the enterprises.
    • Popov A.A. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological and Energy Audit of Industrial Enterprises.
    • Arsyonov V.V. (Russia), Ecological-Economic Rating of Enterprise.
    • Kolotyrin K.P., Popov A.I. (Saratov, Russia), Stimulation of industrial objects crediting with the purpose of sustainable development of the Region.
    • Pachomova A.V. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological-economic substantiation in Business – plan.
    • Korhonen Jouni (Finland), The Contradiction of Industrial Ecology- and Management Perspectives in Corporate Environmental Management.
    • Khlystova S.A. (Moscow, Russia), The Perspectives of Bank Development in the Environmental Protection Sphere.
    • Elizbieta Broniewicz, Bazyli Poskrobko (Technical University of Bialystok, Department of Environmental and Tourism Management) Integrated Environmental Protection Concept.

    Wednesday, July 7, 1999
    9.00-11.00 – Plenary Session III “Ecological Policy and Management at National and Regional Levels”, room 520

    Chair: A. GUSEV, Moscow, Russia

      • A.N. MALIKOV (Chairman, State Committee for Environmental protection and Natural Resources of the Saratov Oblast),

    Ecological Policy and Management under Market Conditions.

      • Bazyli POSKROBKO (Technical University of Bialystok),

    National Policy of Sustainable Development in Poland.

      • Pavel KASYANOV (Moscow, Russia),

    Transition to Sustainable Development: economic, environmental, social and political prerequisites.

      • Paul SAFONOV (Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) ,

    Vincent FAVREL, and Walter HECQ (CEESE, Universit? Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium),

      Modeling Impacts of Mobility on Urban Air Quality: Scenario Analysis for the Brussels-Capital Region.  (Paper text in PDF)

        • GLAZYRINA Irina (Chita, Russia),

      Conservation of biodiversity and watershed management on a regional level.

      11.00-11.30 – Coffee Break
      11.30-13.00 – Plenary Session IV “Ecological Insurance and Audit”, room 520

      Chair: Alexander MALIKOV, Saratov, Russia

        • L.V. STEPICHEVA (Russian State Committee for Environmental Protection, Moscow),

      Problems of ecological insurance development in the Russian Federation.

        • A.I. POPOV (President, Saratov Affiliate of the Russian Ecological Academy),

      Insurance and Stability of Territorial Economic-Ecological Systems.

        • I.M. POTRAVNYI (Moscow, Russia),

      Ecological Audit in the system of instruments for sustainable development

      13.00-14.00 – Lunch

      14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 4. “Environmental Risk Assessment and Insurance”, room 418


      • Yelokhin A.N. (Russia), The Criteria of Acceptable Risk for the population in Russian Regions. Parameters of Sustainable Development of Oil Industry.
      • Rabadanov A.N. (Russia), Evaluation and risk management of extreme situations on the territory of Saratov region.
      • Yelokhin A.N., Bodrikov O.V., Ulianov S.V., Glebov V.Y., Lebedev A.V. (Russia), Complex Risk Analysis for Novgorodsky Region’s Population.
      • Milovanov V.I., Sorokovanov A., Tarasov A.V. (Russia), Technogenic risk management in the policy of providing industrial and ecological safety.
      • Sorokovanov V.A., Tarasov A.V., Dvorkin L.B. (Russia), The ecological risk evaluation at products pipeline Failures
      • Kozlitin A.M., Popov A.I., Burdachev V.E. (Russia), Methodological Peculiarities of Integrated Risk Evaluation in Pipeline Transportation Accidents.
      • Balakhnin A.I., Ivanov V.P. (Russia), Control of Ecological Situation in Saratov: Realities and Problems.
      • Golikov Y.N. (Russia), Danger Analysis and Risk Evaluation of Accidents on the Linear Part of Main Oil Pipelines.
      • Kozlitin A.M., Popov A.I. (Russia), The Technique for Registration of Industrial and Ecological Safety with Technical-Economic Substantiation of Highly-Risky Objects of Technosphere.
      • Bogush B.B., Rabadanov A.N., Khrustalev V.A., Sheremetyev E.A., (Russia), Questions of Safety Statement and Liability Insurance for the Saratov Hydro-Electric Power Station (HEPS).
      • Ipatov P.L., Byasov V.I., Rabadanov A.N., Sheremetyev E.A., Khrustalev V.A., Larin E.A. (Russia), Experience of Safety Statement of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).
      • Milovanov V.I., Kurbanov I.L. (Saratov, Russia), Concept on sustainable development in gas industry as a contribution to global ecology.

      14.00-17.00 – Parallel Section 5. “Innovation activities and Environmental Protection Technologies”, room 336


      • Chethvertkov S.S. (Russia), The Object of Ecological Monitoring.
      • Morozov V.YU. (Saratov, Russia), Economic valuation of mineral potential of Saratov region based on the principles of integrated accounting.
      • Mironychev Alexander (Russia), Legislation on ecological monitoring and sustainable Development in Russia.
      • Petchurkin S.N. (Russia), Interaction of railway and environment.
      • Petchenegov Yu.Ya., Solovieva N.M., Krestelev V.A., Ulibin A.V., Petchenegova O.Yu. (Russia), Utilization and fire neutralization of oil slime.
      • Sergeev A.D. (Russia), Ecologically pure caps for oil gas combustion.
      • Semenychev G.A. (Saratov, Russia), Providing ecological safety of bowels and environment during liquidation of wells in fields with the high content of hydrogen sulphide.
      • Rodin A.K. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological Aspects of Burning Gaseous Fuel.
      • Legoshin G.M. (Saratov, Russia), Methodology of assessment of ecological danger of power engineering and technogenic objects.
      • Bondarenko A.W., Popov A.I. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological – economic substantiation of complexes for processing and salvaging industrial wastes.
      • Ustinova T.P., Artemenko S.E., Kardash M.M., Titorenko E.I., Lavrinenko T.I., Zhuravlyova L.L. (Russia), Regional Ecological Economic Problems of Sewage Purification Technology.
      • Kardash M.M., Fedorchenko N.B., Eigert A.A., Fedorchenko A.A., Kardash K.V. (Russia), Solution of the Problem of Sewage Purification by Complex Method.

      14.00-17.00 – Parallel Session 3B. “Regional Sustainability and Environmental Management”,room 520

      Chair: P. SAFONOV, U.V. GUSAROV (Russia)

      • Burstr?m Fredrik & Dalin Eleonore (Stokholm, Sweden), Environmental Management Systems: A way Towards Increased Co-operation at the local and regional level.
      • Hunhammar Sven (Stockholm, Sweden), Regional Sustainability: Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region.
      • Cabo Francisco, Martin-Herran Guiomar (Valladolid, Spain), Can North and South attain Sustainable Economic Growth Playing Not-Cooperative Strategies?
      • Soukhoroukov P.V., Soukhoroukova S.M. (Moscow, Russia), Ecological Economic Efficiency Regional Development (system approach).
      • Anissimov L.A., Gasilin V.N. (Saratov, Russia), Regional environmental policy: state of art and prospects.
      • Semin A.G. (Saratov, Russia), Ways of Improvement of Ecological Situation in Russia.
      • Malyshev V.I., Pavlov Y.I., Arkhipov V.V. (Saratov, Russia), Ecological Problems of Bazarny Karabulak District and their Solution.
      • Gusarov U.V. (Saratov, Russia) Ecological Processes in dynamics of Economic systems.
      • Nikolaeva I.B. (Saratov, Russia), Realization of the concept of the economic development in Russia.
      • Zemlyanuhina S.G. (Saratov, Russia), Forming the regional reproductive complexes as a direction of realization of the sustainable development conception.
      • Brune D. (Karlsruhe, Germany), Basic Data for the Calculation of Sustainability Indicators.
      • LISE, Wietze (Netherlands), Empirical Support for People’s Participation in Forest Management in India.
      • HANSEN, Anders (Denmark), Neutralising Competitiveness Effects of Environmental Policy. Some Danish Experiences.
      • Hagendorn J.A.J., Kruitwagen S., Heijman W. J.M. (Netherlands), Optimal Timing of Harvest of two fish species with multiple geartypes.

      17.00-18.30 – Panel Discussion and Conclusions,  room 520

      Moderators: Paul SAFONOVAlexander MALIKOVA.V. SHEVCHUK, Peter S?DERBAUM, A. GUSEV, Philippe CRABBE, Anatoly POPOV.
      19.00-23.00 – Conference Dinner

      Thursday, July 8, 1999

      10.00-17.00 – Field trip: “The Volga River Ecology”

      Friday, July 9, 1999
      9.00-11.30 –ISEE Russian Chapter Business Meeting, Closing Plenary Session

      Chair: Paul SAFONOV, Moscow, Anatoly POPOV , Vladimir Gasilin, Alexey GOLUBEV, Ivan POTRAVNIY, Russia.

      11.30-12.00 – Coffee Break
      12.00-13.00 –Press-Conference

      Chair: Paul SAFONOV, Moscow, Russia, Anatoly POPOV, Saratov, Russia, Philippe CRABBE, Canada, Caroline GALLEZ, Belgium, Ernest PARTRIDGE, USA
      13.00-14.00 – Lunch

      14.00-15.30 – Departure of participants


      Abstract in English

      Abstract in Russian