International Journal Ecological EconomicsInternational Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) is a nonprofit organization that encourages the integration of economics and ecology into a transdiscipline aimed at developing a sustainable world. Specific research areas include ecological modeling, ecological limits to growth, climate change, biodiversity, valuation of natural capital, and ecotax reform, etc. A cross-disciplinary approach is necessary because conflicting perspectives in economics and ecology have led to economic and environmental policies that are mutually destructive, rather than reinforcing and sustainable.

ISEE publishes the International Journal Ecological Economics since 1989 (recently 12 issues per year). ISEE members receive the journal at a special reduced subscription fee.

ISEE holds biannual international conferences (in Washington D.C., USA in 1990; Stockholm, Sweden in 1992; San Jose, Costa Rica in 1994;  Boston, USA in 1996; Santiago de Chile in 1998; Canberra, Australia in 2000, Tunisia in 2002).

ISEE Russian Chapter (ISEE/RC) was established in 1992 after the ISEE meeting in Stockholm. The ISEE/RC (Russian Society for Ecological Economics) was officially recognized by the ISEE in April 1993, and became the first regional chapter of the society. Today ISEE has chapters (regional societies) also in Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, USA (and several chapters in formation: China, Meso-American, and other), with total ISEE membership more than 1500 individuals from over 80 countries worldwide. Since 2001 ISEE Russian Chapter continues its development as the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE). Recently RSEE has about 150 individual members.