In November 1997, upon the decision of the ISEE/RC Business meeting at the Third biannial conference in Novgorod (July 1997), the elections of ISEE/RC officers were held and the new officers were elected for the period 1998-2001.

Paul Safonov
Dr. Paul Safonov is a co-founder of the ISEE Russian Chapter and served as its Executive Director since the Chapter creation (1993) till 1997. He was the principal organizer of ISEE/RC conferences (1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001), and manager of ISEE/RC international projects. Dr. Safonov holds a master degree in Economics and Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Engineering (computer modeling of ecological-economic regional development) from Russian Academy of Sciences, and he is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Dr. Safonov was visiting researcher and lecturer in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, USA, and contributed to many international conferences. He has over 40 publications and he is a reviewer of the “Ecological Economics” Journal, and contributing editor of “the ecological economics bulletin“, as well as co-edits a book on the results of ISEE/RC conferences (publication is planned at Edward Elgar Publishers, UK).

Vice-President on Policy and Publications
Pavel Kasyanov Dr. Pavel Kasyanov is former Director of the Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects on Technical Assistance (Moscow), and formerly headed a subdivision at Economic Department of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. He holds Ph.D. in Economics (economic issues of natural resource use and environmental protection) from St-Petersbourg State Mining Institute. Dr. Kasyanov participated in developing a number of State documents, including Draft of the State strategy of Sustainable Development (1997), Draft of the Concept of the State Policy of natural resource use (1997), Draft Federal Law “On state property over natural resources” (1996-97), Decree “On privatization of the environmentally unfavorable enterprises” (1995). He has about 30 publications and he participated in a number of international conferences, working groups and projects, in particular he was a co-ordinator (for NIS and CEE counties) of the UNEP Natural resource valuation Project.

Vice-President on Meeting Planning
Anatoly Popov
Dr. Anatoly Popov is doctor of technical sciences, professor of Saratov Technical University, member of the Russian ecological Academy, President of the Saratov Regional affiliate of the Russian ecological Academy. He is a specialist in the field of ecological and industrial security. Dr. Popov has over 150 publications. He is one of the authors of the economic mechanism for the environmental protection at the regional level. He participated in the ecological economic projects in Kazakhstan, and at present he is actively working on the problems of safety statements/declarations and ecological insurance of risky objects. Dr. Popov was a principal local organizer of the Fourth ISEE/RC conference in Saratov (July 1999).

Sergey Andriushenko
Dr. Sergey Andriushenko is a member of the ISEE Russian Chapter since 1997. He holds degrees of Ph.D. in Economics (economical problems of heat-supply of agricultural enterprises) from Leningrad Engineering-Economical Institute, and Doctor of Economical Sciences from Russian Academy of Sciences (economical and ecological problems of the long-term development of the regional agrosystems). He is Head of the Laboratory of Economical Ecology of Regional Agrosystems of Institute of Socio-Economic Problems of Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex, RAS, Saratov. Dr. Andriushenko has over 40 publications and has obtained scientific experience at numerous conferences and research projects of RAS, Russian federal and region governments.
Executive Director
Alexander Mironychev
Dr. Alexander Mironychev is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. He received his M.Sc. at Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Department of Control and Applied Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Phys-Math. (systems modelling of economic dynamics). Dr. Mironychev has participated in research projects on Simulation of Ecological-Economic Scenarios for Russia Development (1996), Purchasing Power of Dollar in Russian Transitional Economy (1995, funded by Word Bank), Forecast of Ecological Consequences for Socio-Economic Development of Russia (1994); Computer System of Models for Ecological-Economic Simulations (1993), Computer system of Econometric Models for Russia (1992). He had scholarships in Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; University of Bonn, Germany; University of Mannheim, Germany, and is an active member of ISEE/RC since 1993.

The Fourth ISEE/RC Conference took place in Saratov, July 1999. Over 80 papers were presented in front of about 150 participants. The project of preparation of selected works of last ISEE/RC conferences for publication is underway with Edward Elgar Publishers, U.K.
In May 2001 the Administration of the ISEE/RC adopted a decision about future development of the ISEE Russian Chapter more broadly as the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE). So the name of the Society will be abbreviated as RSEE (ISEE/RC) from now. The new RSEE Consitution and By-Laws are being recently developed to reflect the recent changes in the Russian and the International Societies for Ecological Economics. Fifth RSEE (ISEE/RC) Conference ISEE/RC’2001took place in Moscow in September 2001, where the organisational meeting was held concerning this transition. In February 2002 the new Administrative Board was elected for the period of 2002-2003.

RSEE (ISEE/RC) welcomes the members of ISEE and all those concerned about the ecological economics problems to join their activities and to participate in the joint research projects.