We invite you to take part in the 14th International Conference of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics “Ecological and economic problems of development of regions and countries (sustainable development, management of natural resources)”, to be held on July 3-7, 2017 in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia).

RSEE-2017 Conference continues the tradition of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE) to organize meetings of scientists, graduate and post-graduate students and professionals, where they discuss the results of basic and applied research on ecological economics.

RSEE was established in 1993. The Society’s Conferences have been held in Moscow and Irkutsk (1993), Pereslavl (1995), Novgorod (1997), Saratov (1999), Moscow (2001), on Lake Baikal (2003), in St. Petersburg (2005), Sochi (2007), Kaliningrad (2009), Kemerovo (2011), Irkutsk (2013), Kazan (2015).

The 14th conference in Petrozavodsk will be devoted to the discussion of topical issues in the field of sustainable development of countries and regions, methodology and practices of establishing and developing the economic mechanism of nature management and environmental protection, including payments for the use of natural resources and environmental impact, assessment and elimination of accumulated environmental damage, development of environmental target programs, management of ecological and economic systems, the problem of interactions between authorities, business and civil society, environmental safety.

Topics of the conference:

  • environmental policy in Russia and worldwide;
  • economic instruments for regulating the use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • ecological and economic problems of development of northern and border territories;
  • development of methods for evaluation of economic damage from environmental pollution; elimination of accumulated environmental damage;
  • interactions between authorities, business and the civil society in dealing with ecological and economic problems;
  • environmental and economic problems of Karelia;
  • resources and energy saving;
  • effectiveness of nature conservation activities;
  • ecological-economic modeling;
  • economic environmental impact assessment and expert review.

Conference languages — Russian and English.

Interpretation will be provided during sessions.

The following awards will be given at the conference:

  • “For outstanding achievement in ecological economics research in Russia”;
  • “For the best conference presentation” (awards to graduate and post-graduate students)

International Program Committee

Clovis Cavalcanti (Brazil) – Co-Chair, ISEE President-Elect,

Paul Safonov (Russia/USA) – Co-Chair,

Bobylev (Russia), I. Glazyrina (Russia), A. Gusev (Russia), P. Druzhinin (Russia), G. Liesegang (Germany), P. Kasyanov (Russia), L. Korytny (Russia), R. Kosonen (Finland), G. Merkush (Russia), N. Pakhomova (Russia), I. Potravny (Russia), O. Prokopenko (Poland), E. Ryumina (Russia), T. Tambovceva (Latvia), A. Shevchuk (Russia), O. Shimova (Belarus), G. Shikhashvili (Georgia), P. Staufermann (Korea).


Organizing Committee

Chair: P.V. Druzhinin, RSEE President

Co-chairs: T.V. Morozova, A.F. Titov, Yu.V. Saveliev

Members: V.B. Akulov, N.N. Filatov, Kryshen’, A.E. Kurilo, O.V. Tolstoguzov, G.B. Kozyreva, L.M. Kulakova, A.V. Vasilieva– Assistant Chair; O.V. Potasheva – Conference Secretary.

RSEE website: http://RSEE.org,  Conferencewebsite: http://RSEE2017.ru

14th International Conference of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics – Petrozavodsk

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